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Quality Coffee. Great Conversation. Good People.

Welcome to Guernica Cafe - your new favorite spot in the Hill Country. Situated in the heart of Spicewood, TX, Guernica Cafe is the perfect place to kick off your day with a cup of coffee, meet up with friends for great desserts, or hammer out the next great American novel. Better yet, you can do all this while supporting a local, Veteran-owned business and enjoying unparalleled views of this land we call home. So stop by and become a part of the Guernica family today!

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Lovin’ Coffee and Lovin’ America 

The Hill Country is full of great people living busy lives. But while we love our little spot in the hill country, we felt like something was missing. In 2022, we decided to establish Guernica Cafe - a place where locals could recharge, gather, and treat themselves to the best. Our modern spin on a classic American cafe is exactly what our friends, families, and neighbors need to have an incredible experience right in their own backyard. Discover the Guernica difference for yourself.

Our Coffee

Responsibly sourced, organic coffee to give your day the extra kick it needs. Check out our most popular blends. 

Light Roast

Don't let the name fool you. Our light roast coffee boasts the highest caffeine content due to a shorter roasting time. This premium Colombian blend allows you to enjoy a jolt of energy with a smooth, light, refreshing cupping profile with delightful fruity notes as well as smooth hints of chocolate.

House Blend

Our "go-to" coffee, the house blend is a surprising blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans. Although this blend offers reliable, straightforward, and consistent flavors for your daily consumption, it’s never boring. Brimming with sweet middle notes and hints of nut and chocolate, this full-body blend is perfect for any time of day. 

Medium Roast

The perfect blend for the coffee enthusiast who likes balance. This Colombian medium roast coffee has a bright flavor profile but a thicker body than our light roast.


Our house-blend espresso warms the soul and brings you back to life each day. Pairing the best of Brazilian and Colombian beans, expect a smooth texture, mild acidity, and a dark, nougaty flavor profile. Enjoy full caf or decaf. 

Dark Roast

Looking for a truly robust, full-body coffee? Our Colombian dark roast is the best pick for you. Our “excleso” beans go through a 15/16 screen and are roasted evenly for a consistent, rich flavor. 

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"Nothing brings people together like a good cup of coffee, great food, and an amazing experience." 


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